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Kutzner Manufacturing Industries...

is a manufacturer of parts, components, sub-assemblies, full assemblies, and parts kits. Our 28,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Telford, PA, is equipped to handle almost any type of metalworking opportunity. Actually, we enjoy the more complex work-jobs that utilize virtually all of our capabilities and require in-depth understanding of how the product is going to be used.

Our history in metalworking, particularly in welding, goes back almost 70 years. From a weld repair shop in Philadelphia in the 1930's to our modern facility, encompassing virtually all aspects of metalworking and finishing activities, we have a long history of giving personal attention to our customers and satisfying their needs, as well as their customers' needs.

Why not challenge us with your next part production opportunity? We have outstanding experience in a wide variety of metals and plastics, having state-of-the-art machining capability we can finish your product to your specification ... all at our Telford facility. Our customers appreciate our experience, judgment, ability to communicate, and how well we manage their orders.

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E-mail your inquiry to us, call us at 215-721-1712 or fax us at 215-721-0751. Let us apply our depth of capability and experience to your next job.

Kutzner Manufacturing Industries, Inc.

3255 Meetinghouse Road

Telford, PA 18969

To contact us:

Phone: 215-721-1712

Fax: 215-721-0751